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Song About Walls

The Geraldine Fibbers

Once there was a girlie she was kinda surly stuck a needle in her eye.
A hundred deaths on her beige breasts and poor baby can't cry.
She loved her junky boyfriend, tried to help his heart mend,
asshole with an appetite.
Living under an elevator shaft can be cold at night.
Whenever they were hungry she would get the money,
girlie couldn't take a stand, 'till she said, "I let you believe you could
rule over me so you'd feel like big strong man."
Touched by any feeler any stinking dealer she knew that she would surely die,
so she said, "If I'm gonna die with a needle in my eye,
I'm gonna do it by my own hand." And he heard it through the walls
he heard it through the walls he heard it through the walls...
She worked like a doctor, very determined, not afraid of getting pricked by
some lame spike, never wondering why.
Well she left him in the dust and got even more fucked up
and she did it all by herself. But even when she got her ass
off of the streets he would visit her in her dreams.
The last time she saw her darlin' was at the funeral parlour,
he was fresh off of the prison shelf. Yeah he died with a needle in his eye,
but she was clean clean clean.

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