The Geraldine Fibbers

Oh Mary, what'd you do with all the clothes I bought ya?
Mary, what'd you do with all the manners I taught ya?
You used to dress up like you was pretty at night,
Now you look like you was in a fight.
Oh Mary, won't you please come home.

Mary, our life together was full of laughter.
Oh Mary, now it feels like the mornin' after.
You used to keep our children warm and dry,
Now I can only hang my head and cry,
Oh Mary, won't you please come home.

I see you on the boulevard of broken souls,
Dressed up like a tramp from ya head to your toes.
There's only one thing that I know it means,
You're working to bill someone else's dreams.

When you comin' home, girl I don't know when,
But the kids are hungry and I need a friend.
It kills me to think that you've been messin' around,
With every drunken bum in this goddamn town.

Mary, would it matter if I said I'm lonely?
Mary, you know you're my one and only?
I'll still be here when you're through with all of them men.
I only hope you'll fall in love again.
Oh Mary, won't you please come home...

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