Iron and Fire

The Gates Of Slumber

Baptism of flames for nine days
Cleansing of hordes and lowly slaves
Remember home, I tame thee by war
The mouth of omega, remember whore!

By my names the worlds tremble
Cleansing of rats senate made humble
Blame these sheep of the lord
Burnt cowering like homeless dogs!

Nocturnal beams of art
Nailed to crosses
Decorate my garden
Everything came down
14 years of iron and fire
I play you a song
As you burn to the ground

No man stood before me
All men forsake me
Mother betrayer cut down the tree that spawned me

Artist poet I am dying
Blood spent I'm singing
Symbol whore fertility for the plebs

I am a god
My face reflects
A million eyes
Seen for who I am

Blackened hades
Golden dove
I am forever
I am legion

Paul peter who cursed me
Left dying my beloved
Blood death the price their lamb will pay

I made this world tremble
Death guilt is so peaceful
Bear the curse
Of centuries to come

I am god
My face reflects
A million eyes
Seen for who I am

Poetic fire burn
Do your worst

What an artist is dying in me
What the world loses with me
What is this galloping towards me

Kneeling in the lake of fire
Under the pale moon comes a rider
Burnt black by the sun now I wait
This poet takes his own life

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