God Wills It

The Gates Of Slumber

Deus lo vult Deus lo vult
The cry throughout the land
The council at Claremont
Brought the sword to hand
Salvations sweet promise

In numbers unreckoned
Came commoner and thief
With women and children
Desiring Christ's relief
A hope for the hopeless

Ten times ten thousand
The followed Peter south
Betrayed by Alexius
Across the rivers mouth
The bodies lie broken

And Volkmar with Emricho
Waged war against the Jews
"Why fight them abroad"
They pillaged the Danube
A demon unleashed

This fire rages no longer but could burn yet ten times stronger
We are grist for the mill
Whoa-oh oh-oh

Like a snake coiled around us
Islam's truth still confounds us
This faith of 'peace'
Whoa-oh no-oh

Still the Templars came onward
Along the middle sea
In Antioch was found
The Spear of Destiny
A tale yet to be told

Then with hunger and hatred
Deep within their hearts
They boiled women; ate children
An image so stark
Would Jesus have partook?

Is this fire something we know who was it struck the first blow
The Moors push into Spain, or Eastern Rome's domain
Many 'truths' there to blind us
Many oaths there to bind us
Who can claim the right today?
No one

On the seventh of May
They reached Jerusalem's walls
After two months fighting
The holy city falls

"The slaughter was so great
Men walked in blood"
Like a scene from a nightmare
A cariminium flood!!!

In those red days that followed
Godfrey was Advocatus Sancti
For he would not rule
In the place where Christ was slain
The vow was fulfilled

In Ascalon did Godfrey
Stop the Fatamid horde
At his death Baldwin
Became the holy cities lord
God's will it was done

Expelled in Saladin's times
Another war and untold crimes
That place will never know peace
The butchery will never cease

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