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The Hatebreed

The Forsaken

Torture, Fight, endless cries
Affliction, terminate, burn
Flames, mangled, hell spawn,
Frenzy, feast, slither
Scald, rise, fear

Terminate the structure - speaker of sin
Prejudice bender of words
Premonition prehistoric figure - this time is war
Broken the final unwritten rule - it's time to put an end to it all
Ending all our misery - erased for all time to come

This time it is war
Sick of it all
Torture, fight, endless cries

You will die the thousand deaths
Worldwide plague roar
Destructor of our planet
The icons they will burn
I will make your life worse
I'm the crusader
You wish that you never were born
The history becomes the forgotten

And so will god
Crushing the demon placed in their heads
The slaughter of our franticness - your days are count-dead

Making sure that nothing survives
This will make me whole
Deception has a grave for itself
Battle results in dust

Torture, fight, endless, cries
Affliction, terminate, burn
Flames, mangled

Controlling that it turns out right
Telling which path to choose
Foul and slander years has passed
The dreary days are now over
Put the faith in yourselves
You are the masters of your own destiny
The curse has been lifted
Our endurance has become reality
God has been convicted
Justice has been served
No more hypocrites...

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