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Tabernacle Of Sorrow

The Forsaken

Tabernacle of Sorrow
Dark reflections, beseech me
Shattered images of reality
With my blade, I beckon thee
Death shall be your destiny

The tormented pray for my demise
The anguish, the pain, the sadistic cries
I hold the key to eternity
But my soul is charred by blasphemy.

Through corpuscles of hatred,I will breathe
Upon your infinite sins,I will feed.

Tabernacle of sorrow
Where innocence dies,I shall follow
Tabernacle of sorrow
Reborn in the dead man's shadow

Black icons tarnished with blood
Fragments of sacrificial rites
A vanquished soul begs for an astral life
Forsaken from a mortal death

Divine Repentance,I desire
Or I shall burn in the Eternal Fire

Repeat Chorus

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