The Forsaken

I'm the one that keeps you alive
The diseased, mortified saint
Server forced to denial
Fictive life that you thought was real
Cursed to live in a void filled with filth
Eternal darkness has ruined for hundred years
The tale of my existence has made a sphere of reality

Incubated life, DNA construc-dead
Artificial world, demonized abduction
Extipating your life, abducting the soul
Summoning the horror, extracting the ghouls

With sterility I watch the abyss
Inside the dragon's liar thoughts come to mind
Beyond all known boundaries to see
The pest, the plague will always be there
Desolating mentality enforces my doctrine
I will annihilate the one who tries to dare me
The world is my creation, my abattoir

Cloned from one makes my empire whole
Extripating your life and abducting the soul
The grief is feeding me to breed
They have no clue of what to expect
Dulcet and celestial the life I take
Sworn to oppression makes you crawl to my pit...

Consuming breath summons my power
Simplicity of humanity - affliction of reality makes me grow
Stalking you till the end of time
You are weary...


Sleep will soon come, ending all your misery
I will suck you dry, drain you from existence
You are weary from fatigue of submission

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