The Forsaken

Blood-stained hands, feet the grim reaper inside of you
Remorse and guilt was never to be
Blackened out they will always remain
Only exit was to be under stone

Now they cry for the harm you have caused them
Counting strikes for the next level to come
Hierarchy stronger than steel, with force you'll be there
Your life's commitment the only thing in mind
It's a game no more

Demonized of the ghost in mind
All the more blood the chill feels in your spine
You are hooked, a slave so divine
Urges calling your name, raged fury confine
A dead feeling inside, consuming one day each time


Digging your own grave was never a plan
Now standing there all quiet and mute
Wishing for your saviour to come
A reality transparent
This will never come
The dream will be slaughtered
And you'll be left to rot.

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