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The Fall

The Wonderful and Frightening World Of...

First off
you've got ze answer

[Misereen] all its skin

Bug day
Bug day

Midges - midges hovered over the heather
3 moths shivered
Green moths shivered
Cockroaches moldered in the ground
Tonguehorns belched fire

So, fleed at sea
Terrors hit water
Minoa said 'eek'
Minoa said 'eek'

Sea reaffirms some things
We learned some things
People behave very wrong
Create company
Green is starboard, back
Left is port, there
Old continental women
Coffee cups poised on front

Facing up to the sea is a very hard thing
Facing up to sea is a v. hard thing
Anything is better than bug day

Bug day
Bug day
Bug day
But day


Bug day

Anything is better than bug day

Bug day

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