The Pie

The Ex

In a worldful of poor and an environment to protect
an alternative flan of action flies in the face
of promises not kept
it shows that the responsible irresponsibles
have faces and names which can be addressed
therefore bake and aim
and put a smile back on the face of the oppressed

The puppeteers and the powers that be
would always agree that stones are no arguments
and meanwhile they hit us with batons and bullets
and invite us to their wrecking-balls
with distorted truths and teargas
slander, lies and tanks
no thanks, we understand
and that is why
we wanna globalise the pie

Number 1 is The Walking Thrust:
walk up to the person, push the pie in the face
and before you walk away give it a slight twist
this makes the sticky part of the pie cling to the recipient

Number 2 is The Shot Put:
the one to be thrown straight
from a distance of three to five feet

Number 3 is The Ancient Roman Discus Throw
the most beautiful delivery of all:
spin half-way round, turning the pie as you whirl
and then let go, hitting the victim square in the face

Number 4 is The Catcher¹s Throw to Second Base
the hardest of all:
pull back your arm just as far as it will go
and then bring the pie in, all the way from East St Louis
and let her go!

With shots over eight feet
make sure that the pie is of the right weight
to fly in a straight line as it leaves your fingers
on the other hand, some do believe
that one must press the pie into the face directly
and that it never should be thrown
an advice for beginners: don¹t try this at home...

Some people say that the pie is the limit
but a pastry at a time is an answer to their crime

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