The Ex

I was standing on the corner
when and where I met my sister
I said I was glad to see her
and I told her how I¹d missed her
then this other girl, she came passing by
I looked at her, and wondered why
I was standing on the corner...

She had two breasts, just like my sister
and long hair, like my sister
and painted lips, like my sister
she wore a skirt of flowered fabric
and she wore sandals, like my sister¹s
and she was dragged away by two fellow officers
and she screamed in the middle of the street
and her sandals trailed behind her
and her feet were bleeding
and my uniform felt dirty

And from behind the house my mother called my sister
and came up to her, and took her inside
and she closed the window
and dragged her away by her hair
to the darkest corner of the room

And she was standing in the corner...

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