IP Man

The Ex

Instalment Plan Man has moved into my home
he plays with my possessions and he won¹t leave me alone
I went out one evening, it got late, I¹d pushed my luck too far
and when I finally came home, Instalment Plan Man sat in my car

Instalment Plan Man, oh man, you are a parasite
get the heck away from me, are you looking for a fight?
every morning when I wake up, he sits near my bed
he drinks from my coffee and he smokes my cigarettes
he has crept under my skin, he¹s even in my voice
all the women in my world, they complain about the noise

This instalment plan man, he¹s pissing in my ear
rain or shine he says bye-bye, but he won¹t disappear
oh, mrs Creditor, you bet I¹m looking for the cure
next time you offer help, I won¹t buy it, that¹s for sure...

He won¹t leave me alone, he sits in my car
he¹s a parasite looking for a fight
he smokes my cigarettes, he¹s even in my voice
pissing in my ear he won¹t disappear

Instalment Plan Man, I¹m doing what I can
Instalment Plan Man, catch me if you can...

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