Henry K

The Ex

I searched for the soul of young Henry K
I searched all night, I searched all day
and I searched his pockets and I searched his books
and I searched the fucker¹s lists of crooks

Yeah, I searched for the soul of Henry K
I thought there should be something slightly okay
I searched in corners, and under the bed
I searched for the facts kept under his hat

I searched for the soul of young Henry
not out of spite or envie
you may call it curiosity
but I just tried to understand, you see
why the poor soul got away
the poor soul got away....

I searched in vain, I searched in vain
I may not be Abel, but he¹s worse than Cain:
the public enemy of now and then
the legitimate son of Uncle Sam
but the poor soul got away
why did the poor soul get away?

Vietnam, Uncle Sam, goddamn, what a scam
Pinochet, CIA, US, Henry K
tossed in bed, cold sweat, nightmare, like a diplomat
so sad, shouting out: what if a peace broke out?
Cambodia, Bangla Desh, East-Timor, Nixon¹s whore
clusterbombs, napalm, Nobel prize, election-time...
El Salvador, Colombia, contras, Nicaragua
Haig, Reagan, Ollie North, Iran, Somalia, and so forth:
Iraq, uranium, what¹s inside that cranium
of George Bush 1 & 2, Rumsfeld, Cheney, how are you
Rise, Powell, Wolfowitz, North-Korea, Middle-East
Afghanistan, shock and awe, war on terror ho ho ho
the poor soul got away, the poor soul got away
and we got stuck with the asses of A

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