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Always Drive A Cadillac

The Everly Brothers

It was the Senior High School yearbook
The class of '63
I'll never forget the way you gave
Your book and pen to me
It was all talked out and settled
You new I'd understand
A girl with dreams as big as yours
Just had to make some plans
So I turned to your best picture
Most Likely To Succeed
The only one in the whole damn book
That didn't show you with me
And it said that you liked inner strenth
So I tried to be true to form
And I hid my teenage broken heart
Instead I signed this poem
I hope you always drive a Cadillac
I hope you always drink champagne
I hope you always shine with the sunshine
I hope you never have to face the rain
Unless the clouds are lined with silver
May every heart you meet be gold
And may you find the world as kind as you've been told
At the ten year class reunion
They read your personal note
And displayed your cover photograph
In your full length sable coat
But the words underneath the picture
Were what mattered most to me
There was something in between the lines
That no one else could see...
It said-
I always drive a Cadillac
I always drink champagne
And if you make time while the sun shines
You never have to face the rain
I travel fast because I go alone
Everybody gets bought and sold
And I wondered if you'd really become that cold
That was the last word anyone heard from you
Until I got your card today
A single line and signature
That said "I'm coming home to stay"
I wonder what life has done to you
I wonder why you thought of me
But if you stop by to say hello
I wonder what you'll think if you see
An old ragged high school yearbook
That falls open to just one page
With a picture of a young girl's face
Full of beauty, dreams and rage
But the words underneath the picture
Is the verse that's still so true
It's the one I swore no one would read
Unless I showed it to you
I hope you always drive a Cadillac
I hope you always drink champagne
And you'll carry my heart wherever you go
Even if I never see you again
But if you bring it back home to me
Maybe then it'll mean you know
That the strongest love's the love that let's you go...
I hope you always drive a Cadillac...

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