The Essex Green

You were down when I met you, but
Deep in your eyes
I could see the sign
With a thousand drummers drumming,
And a hundred singers singing songs of love.
Whatever they knew about it
Whatever it meant to them

So we all met up after school
And you took us home into your room
You's skip class and drummed all day
So I put my books down and picked up the camera
Was it you that I fimed?
You'd run
And I'd follow
I'd stayed and you'd gone

She was in Chicago where the streets are paved
With all those names of our heros
And our dreams we tried
But the house was raised
And left an empty lot

I know that you won't cry about it
Hiding the tears in your eyes

You'd run
And I'd follow,
I've stayed and you've gone

So far in late October
Nice and warmer without you here.

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