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February Love


Love King

Come and walk me to the car
I wanna see you from here to there
Can't help but stare
Give me some insight
No bullshit
A real conversation
Put me on your block
I'm moving in
I would love to be love's neighbor
If you don't mind I don't mind
Do anything for just a fraction of you
And I know this may sound stalkerish
But that's because you are the shit
If I'm attention
Be my center
If you're Spring I'm Summer
If you're Fall I'm Winter
Speaking of Winter

Be my February love
My love
Be my February love

Give me your heart
Give me your heart
Promise we'll never be apart
I know your used to them niggas saying wha-ah-ah-hatever
Promise we'll always be to-to-to-together

Take a picture
I'll buy the frame
Let me change your car
Then change your name
You are my destiny child
Now lets make us a destiny child
Girl rock with me
Quench the curiosity
I'm positive that we are meant to be
Don't let them spoil it with negativity
See we are the beautiful ones
Baby come and step into my side
Before the cold takes it away

Come and be my February love
Girl be my February love

Phantom in the driveway
Sittin' on the court side
Shawty I ain't new to this
You better get used to this
30 foot ceilings
Lifestyle appealin'
Check my '09 taxes I made a killing
Haters wanna kill'em
Real niggas feel'em
Dream ain't on the credits
They must'a got a fill in
He's so silly
Don't mean to be rude
But some of these niggas just aint got a clue
Fallin' in love
Follow me girl
These niggas so scandalous
These comedian niggas should do stand-up
These breakup before holiday ass niggas
Them leasing Benzes pretendin ass niggas
Hell yeah I already told you niggas I'm a motherfuckin' hater
Especially when yall niggas lying about your motherfuckin' paper
He poppin' champagne
Throwin out Benjamins all up on the TV screen
Don't own your publishing
Hell nawh you ain't got more money than me
Just help me understand
Help me comprehend
Matter fact don't tell me shit
She know you full of it
It's so much that I can say
She pullin' me away
Stay in the way

They like my February love
She was my February love

By :raphael O PikÀÁH

Composição: The Dream

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