Save Me

The Donnas


I want it louder
I want it reckless
You know I want it all
I can't get higher
I hit the ceiling
Why can't you hear me call

I need a pick me up for the ride
You know it gets me all torn up inside
You gotta fill it up to the top
It's gonna take you all night to turn me off

More more can't slow down now
Feels good when it's not allowed
More more don't ask why
Gonna party till the day I die

Save me from another good time, save me, save me
Save me, come make it alright
Save me, take me away tonight yeah

They're coming for us
So run for cover
We need a place to go
So what's the next stop
Let's find the right spot
Where we can be alone

I come alive when I feel the sting
It doesn't matter to me just keep it coming

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