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The Moronic Inferno

The Dictators

Blast off from the duplex planet
Blast off onto new horizons
Farewell to the slacker culture
Farewell to your bed of roses

Kalifornia's gonna crumble into the sea
No more Beach Boys harmonies
for your little sixties fantasies
I sing this eulogy

I'm gonna rock
we're gonna rock

Wake up to the new age nightmare
twelve steps to the psycho babble
feel good in the prozac moment
Last call for the woodstock nation

The modern stone age family
Between reality and make believe
Where daddy's just a memory
and Heather's got two mommies

I'm gonna rock
we're gonna rock

For every phoney little wanna be
Careering in the industry
Shove some product up your marketing degree
cause it ain't rock and roll to me

I'm gonna rock
we're gonna rock
testosterone rock
respect the rock

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