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Heartless Romanctic

The Dears

I've been a liar, I've been a thief.
But now I don't think that is what I want to be.
I'll do anything you want any old time.
Oh yeah.
Don't have any money. (Pockets are empty)
Don't have any looks, (I am a dog) just borrowed pianos (I'm coming over) that I can't hardly play.
(To use what I want to) I may have a pen somewhere, staff paper too.
I'm asking for it. You need some more brandy.
(Got a pack of cigarettes)
You need cocaine. (Give me more drugs)
You're in self-destruct mode. (I'm self-destructing)
Maybe it's the pain. (And hurting all over)
I don't need anything, (Don't need nobody)
I just need you (Nobody else) You and I.
It's all so shameful.
You and I...it's all...it's a shame.
You're just a loverful.

*by Di Mundim

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