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Run Away From You (ma-ma-ma)

The Dead Billies

Get out of my mind, girl
Don´t you waste my time, girl
Let me live my life, girl
The way I wanna do

Gotta take that train, now
Gonna break the chains, now
´cos I won´t play that game, now
with a girl like you

Gave you all I could give
A good reason to live
But your maybes and ifs
ain´t enough for me

Can´t you understand, now?
Go find another man, now
I´m playin´ in a band, now
I wanna be free

I used to hug you and kiss you ev´ry day hey hey hey
I used to stay stay by your side "come what may" hey hey hey
Anything, anytime, anyway hey hey hey
And now I see what I´ve got
Tell me now what I´ve got

Once I used to worry (get out of my mind)
but that´s another story (let me live my life)
now I´d better hurry (don´t you waste my time, ooh yeah!)
and run away from you

You can fool yourself, child (gotta take that train)
You and no one else, child (gotta break the chains)
Gonna break the spell, child
That´s all I gotta to do


Composição: Mosckabilly

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