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Gazillions Of Miniature Violins

The Crimea

On the street where I was born, by the acorn tree, where we first made love
Legs akimbo, sunny side up, I remember you buttercup
Another murder mystery, rocked the neighborhood, rocked the neighborhood
The Texas chainsaw massacre, don't compare to my disaster
All goes strangely quiet
Gazillions of miniature violins
Breaking the silence
All aboard the sinking ship, you sail the thing I'll crack the whip
Let’s have ourselves a scary trip, all aboard the sinking ship
On the street where I was born, in the alleyway where I saw the truth
All the whores in Liverpool couldn't light a candle to you
Life goes on
Don’t fight it
Know how it feels like to cause mini earthquakes
Take pleasure in the pain
Don’t forget to go insane
On the stroke of twelve

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