Your Call

The Concretes

As i walk in you get up to leave,
You head straight for the door
Is it because what happened between us
I liked it better before

My comment really wasn't that funny
You were never polite
I recall your laughter as sweeter
I guess those things can change overnight

Forgive me, i take it back
Forgive me, i'd take it all back if i could

I call you, hang up
I call you, hang up
I call you, hang up
I call you, hang up

So many things came out bad
I didn't mean them at all
I regret not telling you sooner
On the other hand you never called

Believe me i'd take it back
Believe me i'd take it all back
If i could

Moments you wish never happened
Other you keep for the rain
Forget that they'll be forgotten
Running through you like a train

Believe me i'd go back
Believe i'd go all the way back
If you would

Call me i'll hang up
Call me a hang up
Call me, hang up

Compositor: Victoria Bersgman

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