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One Left Satisfied

Comeback Kid

There was desire that burned
And when the dust had blown away
There was a whisper of gold
No reservation, they were expecting for some time
There was a whisper of gold

The streets were filled with all its noise
Swelling up so they set up a decoy
It didn't matter no one had a clue anyway
But they were always second guessing
No room for any error
Positions in check and the plan underway
And impossibly…

Just barely slipping by
The doors came open just in time

They came back running, on such a high
Open it up lets see what's inside

Those involved gathered around
But they weren't satisfied
Someone here must be holding out
Retracing their steps
Everyone in the room grilling the next
This will surely cost us problems
Settle it up lets see what's left to divide

Still craving not yet satisfied
What will it take?
How long will this take?
Still craving not yet satisfied. Still hungry

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