The Church

I wanna consume, I wanna eat up a mountain
Drink up an ocean, dream up a world
I wanna consume, I wanna smoke up a forest
Shoot up a river, run up the bill
I want women and men
And when the whole damn thing is over
I want it all back again
Yeah maybe I'll be happy then

We'll ride the nightmare every night
Riskin' our dreams
And then we'll fall from such a height
We'll split our seams

I wanna devour
I wanna suck up your power
I wanna smell all the flowers
I wanna use up my useless hours

I wanna absorb, I wanna absorb your spirit
Feed off your soul, drain out your youth
I wanna absorb, I wanna become your lover
Erase your master, live out your life
I want your time, and your thoughts
I want the things your sugar daddy bought you
What the alchemists and magicians sought
I want starboard, I want port

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