The Candles Burning Blue

Funeral Wedding

The Candles Burning Blue

I used to walk alone,
but that was long time ago.
Look at me now, standing here so proud,
my shadow kissing your walls.

I have come to you, so you could see.
I shall wash your blind eyes.
In this empty room of dying faces the distance shatters.
The distance shatters.

So beautiful you are, yet so cold.
As we dance softly, I feel that someone is close.
How I hate myself at these moments.
How I hate to touch you with my hands so cold and lifeless.

Hold me now,
I feel I am fading.
Look at me now,
I am changing.

I wish I had not seen what was placed at the altar.
She was smiling at me, as if she didn´t knew that she was gone.
Already gone.

You were waiting for me in the wedding dress,
by the grave of your parents.
There was this brief moment, a second of silence
that we didn´t speak.
We didn´t speak.

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