The Bruisers

Drinking a Familiar ale
As I listen to a tale
Of a friendship that was won and lost
A long time ago

Well I always got to roam, nowhere to call my home
Cause I've been here and I've been there
And I know that I just don't care
Cause it makes no sense to me all your fucking schemes
And all your hopes and dreams they got wasted at the seams

'Cause your life was just a stepping stone to me
And what you thought meant a lot ain't shit to me
Cause I'll put on a mask to perform a task
and see how long I can make it last
With a tear and a promise I would never leave
Guess I lost my friends there's no one left to depend on
All those things I said I'd be what's it all worth without your family
Cause now you're all alone you'll always have to roam
Driven from the pack, we had your back
Because we had the loyalty that you lacked

'Cause my life was just a stepping stone to you
And I've got news baby, you and I are through
And if you don't understand it, let me make it crystal clear
You'd better just get the fuck right out of here.

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