Killing Maryjane

The Bronx Casket Co.

Take this life (Take this life away piece by piece)
Long forgotten soul
All is lost (All is lost in a flood of grey)
Wasted, burnout, fool
You'd like to see me fall
Answer the bell, the call
You'd like to see me stay
I just can't find my way
I can't seem to find her
Alone while she sleeps
I know death by her true name
Killing Maryjane
Face this pain (Face this pain of reality)
That's how the gods can kill
Death from life (Death from life is what she brings)
Access, excess, thrill
This can't be how it ends
Bittersweet, my lonely friend
This can't be all I am
It's time I take a stand
Marilyn won't be asking for any worms today
He ain't going hungry either way
The prophet who can lead them, even dangerous from the grave, won't have the key once you become its slave
Can't you see the writing, the writing on the wall
Marilyn won't be asking for any worms today
Marilyn's not the problem anyway

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