Shadow Park

The Black Keys

Because the children of shadow park are
Walking in my mind: miles away from who can
Know about promises broken and nervous bones?
Like summer turns into fall and thoughts are falling
How come the people I've forgotten still exist?
Shoulder to shelter - I've got a new target
The light in our room shines between us at night
Side by side - taking our time

Every fallen chance not given
Mouths all stuffed and gagged on pearls
Like scattered leaves the flock take flight
The sun jig-sawed through trees against our faces
Feeling your grip, missing your skin

Like tangled limbs as the light sneaks in
The light in our room shines between us at night
Still side by side - wasting our time

Head up - but eyes half open
Do you feel your egos growing?

Sleeping with saws and arms are reddening
Climbing the walls with 4 AM friends
Push you by the head into a fucked up night
With my fingers in your mouth and that sound outside
And I'd keep your pressed until you cried
Because you know and I know it's what you liked

Head up - but eyes half open
Do you feel you egos growing?

Face first drowned in lies
One by one piled up like bones
This was written for us
Warming us up to a cold fucking world
Feel the warmth against your faces
Say goodbye to another day
I'll take your faith away

(Shaking and sweating and staring awake)
Head up
(Pacing and crying and trying to sleep)
Eyes half open
(Black eyes red and lips cold blue)
Do you feel
(I've had enough of you)
It's getting colder

I'm the only one I trust

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