Wiser Time (Cifrada)

The Black Crowes


Rich in open G tuning Marc in stnd tuning Verse A# C/A G No more time left for shame A# C/A G Horizon behind me, no more pain A# C/A G Windswpt stars blink and smile A# C/A G Another song, another mile A# C/A G You read the line every time A# C/A G Ask me about crime in my mind A# C/A G Ask me why another road song A# C/A G Funny but I bet you never left home Chorus G -> A A -> B On a good day, it's not every day D->B C->A B->G We can part the sea G->A A->B And on a bad day, it's not every day D->B C->A B->G glory behind our reach Verse 14 seconds until sunrise Tired but wiser for the time Lightning 30 miles away Three thousand more in two days Chorus jam follows (over verse chords), solos: acoustic slide, keyboard, elect. gtr.(Marc) Chorus Open G: A# crd D-3 B-3 G-3 B-3 G-3 D-x G (open strgs) C/A crd (pick each note individually before changing to G) D-0 B-1 G-0 B-2 G-0 D-x

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