Whoa Mule

The Black Crowes


Whoa mule, whoa mule
We're dirty but were dreaming
Whoa mule, whoa mule
We'll both get there someday

All you ramblers
You silk tongue gamblers
Listen to my tale
It won't take long
To sing you my song
Full of trouble and despair
So fair thee well
You troubadours
Whose pockets have no lining
I can tell you
That all pastures stay green
But you know that I'd be lying


My own true love
Is a raven haired girl
Whose lives way back
Down the hollow
I take her by her
Lily white hair
And into the woods we wonder
Her daddy was a river man
As mad as a hatter
Her mama
She's as soft as snow
But that don't really matter


Sometimes a road
Is rocky and hard
Full of dangers unrelenting
Just take great care
To follow your stars
Let the good times
Come a plenty


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