Sting Me

The Black Crowes

The Black Crowes: Live

If you feel like a riot
Then don't you deny it
Put your good foot forward
No need for heroics I just want you to show me
Now's the time to shine

Your independence is a half ass deliverance
Your train left the station
In recognition of the same old condition
Your symptoms showing through

Well regardless of the truth
You still act so aloof
In the face of a judge jury
You got the nerve to say I'm guilty

Well can you sting me
Can you sting me
Right on through my bones

Well the bell rings out for the crime of the century
Courtesy of your mother
The signs reads welcome to the valley of discovery
Look at what money can buy

Sons and daughters better open your eyes
Tell me what you're seeing
This submission is a tired tradition
It's everyone's sacrifice

Well believe you me
I've got nothing up my sleeve
Except a heart and a chip on my shoulder
Yes I'm young and don't like getting older

Come on my sweet little thing
What new things can you show me today
I got one question
I believe it's subjective
What is a wasp without her sting?

I don't want to sound bitter
Yeah you touch me just like murder
Living ain't so easy
When all I want from you is to sting me

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