Remedy (Cifrada)

The Black Crowes


The song consists of three distinct parts which I will call the intro, verse and chorus. Please note that I am not transcribing rhythem in any way. You will have to listen to the song to see how many times and how fast you have to hit the chords. It's mostly power chords, so not that difficult. The hard part is in the changing from one riff to another. I am just showing the main guitar parts. I think there is a second guitar in the background, but haven't had the time to listen to that yet. Maybe in a future version. Anyy additions, corrections comments or...., please let me know! OK, enough talk...... intro : F5 E5 C5 Eb5 D5 Bb5 e|--------------------------------------|| B|--------------------------------------|| G|---10---9--------------8---7----------|| repeat this 2 times D|---10---9---10---------8---7---8------|| A|---8----7---10---------6---5---8------|| E|------------8------------------6------|| /| /| | | | | hold this chord same here a litle longer Verse : D D F(A bass) D D e|--5--5----5----5--5--5--5--5--|| B|--5--5----5h6--6--6--5--6--5--|| G|--5--5----5----5--5--5--5--5--|| repeat 2 times D|--5--5----5h7--7--7--5--7--5--|| A|------------------------------|| E|------------------------------|| /| | Remember Keith Richards from the Stones He used to do these little figures all the time! | |/ C C Eb(G Bass) C C e|--3--3----3----3--3--3--3--3--|| B|--3--3----3h4--4--4--3--4--3--|| G|--3--3----3----3--3--3--3--3--|| repeat 2 times D|--3--3----3h5--5--5--3--5--3--|| A|------------------------------|| E|------------------------------|| During the verses, these two parts are played repeatedly. Then about half way through a verse they jump back to the intro riff. (For example, during verse 1 they switch on : If I come on like a dream) Chorus : again no attempt is made to show timing or rhythem, listen to the music, it ain't that hard. Bb5 C#5 Ab5 Eb5 e--------------------|| B--------------------|| G-------6---------8--|| Repeat this during the chorus D--8----6----6----8--|| A--8----4----6----6--|| E--6---------4-------|| Baby, baby why can't you sit still? Who killed that bird out on you window sill? Are you the reason that he broke his back? Did I see you laugh about that? If I come on like a dream? Would you let me show you what I mean? If you let me come on inside? Will you let it glide? Can I have some remedy? Remedy for me please. Cause if I had some remedy I'd take enough to please me. Baby, baby why did you dye your hair? Why you always keeping with your mother's dare? Baby why's who's who, who know you too? Did the other children scold on you? If I come on like a dream? Would you let me show you what I mean? If you let me come on inside? Will you let it slide? Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edmund Blackadder : "Baldrick, you wouldn't recognise a subtle plan if it painted itself purple and danced naked on top of a harpsichord singing 'Subtle plans are here again'."

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