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Cosmic Friend

The Black Crowes

The Black Crowes: Live

When the wind whispers to me
From somewhere behind the trees
And it tells me crazy things
Like my head is full of bees
And at night they hum for me.

Down and dirty nappy
Tired sad nasty
It's not everlasting
It's bound to turn around

Need a little sweetness
A little reason to your rhyme
I got something for you
A little sugar for your mind

Hear the bells ringing
Send it down the line
Thank you for the sharing
I get you back next time

My friend the cosmos is calling
Sayin' we all should be shining

Don't you be a stranger
We like you hanging around
Be thankful of the laughter
Praise for the sound

When you're feelin lonely
You know just what to do
Put on track eleven
Get on with the groove


Now we've reached the ending
I'm sad this song is gone
But we can start at the beginning
And we can all sing along

(Every body)
Down and dirty nappy
Tired sad nasty
It's not everlasting
(Every body)It's bound to turn around

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