The Beatles

Strawberry Fields Forever (Cifrada)

The Beatles

Anthology 2

Bb Let me take you down G#7 ´Cause I´m going to G7 Strawberry Fields Nothing is real D# G7 And nothing to get hung about D# Bb Strawberry Fields forever Fm Fm7M Fm/D# Living is easy with eyes closed Gm F D# Misunderstanding all you see F Bb It´s getting hard to be someone Gm But it all works out D# F D# Bb It dosen't matter much to me No one I think is in my tree I mean it must be high or low That i you can't you know tune in But it's all right That is I think it's not too bad Always, no, sometimes, think it's me But you know I know when it's a dream I think, er, no I mean, er, yes But it's all so wrong That is I think I disagree

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