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Walking Down Your Street

The Bangles

Essential Bangles (Remastered)

Ohhhhh, Oh I've had sleepless nights
Toss and Turn, wake up burning for you to inspire

Chorus: So Im gonna walk right down your street,
with a love that I cant hide,
Ive got one thing on my mind, yeah and the second fights my pride,

Coz I want you!

Ohhhhh, Oh how I wish you would be mine,
My pulse is weak, Im blushing brighter then a valentine


Coz I cant stop the way I feel so I keep walking Ohhhhhhh
Coz I want you

Walking down, down your street,
Im walking down your street.
Walking down your street,
Down your street, Ohhhhh

Coz I cant stop the way I feel so I keep walking Ohhhhhhhhhhh

CHORUS X 3(to fade

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