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Just One Sec

The Antlers

Do you think you could free me from the man I've been?
Do you see me now, do you see me then?
Could you clear my cache momentarily?
For just one sec, free me from me

Free me from your limiting ideas of me
Free me from the version you prefer I'd be
When you grew tall and I fell short
From dropping junctures and clear the cord
And give what debt that I've accrued
For just one sec, free me from you

I'll free you from the person I was sure I knew
I'll free you from the reputation you outgrew
I'll free you from bДhavior I'd expect to see
And my interprДtation of history
'Cause I boxed you in unconsciously
And I saw you and I thought you ought to be
But by loving you imperfectly
For just one sec, I'll free you from me

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