The All-American Rejects

Fast and Slow

The All-American Rejects

Kids in the Street

If only for tonight.
Yea I could dig myself a grave,
But even 6 feet down I know
I'll be found feeling this way.
If only I could find
Yea just a reason to believe,
That there's nothing that's up your sleeve
Even though you're wearing that tank top.
Love me or leave me but just not behind.
We don't need money the way we spend time
'Cause if its real tonight, you and I could really do something.

You go fast. I'll go slow
Meet you in the middle just to let you know.
Its gonna be alright, (Its gonna be alright)
If its me and you tonight (If its me and you tonight).
You go fast, I go slow
Light my fuse and your body explodes.
It's going to be alright (It's gonna be alright)
Are you ready now? I'm ready now.

If only I were bright (if only I were bright)
Then I could let go of my brain
But I turnicate? on your sweet injection into my vein
And Oooh, that's the stuff
(that's the the stuff you give to me it's like a-)
And I say that you're the drug.
Twelve steps wouldn't be enough to kick your just that rough.
Make me a crazy I just can't define.
There's not a closet for you in my mind
Oh, but you puzzle me tonight.
Let's play with your bits and pieces.


Oooh I wanna take my time. (I need you baby...)
If u stay with me once again, once again.
Its a heart attack, heart attack
'Cause I want you so bad. (oh I want you too)
Well I hope (this lasts) for ever (and ever)

You go fast.. I'll go slow


Are you ready now? [x3]

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