Hair Trigger

The Acro-Brats

Find I don't mend with ease
(But if you'll) lend your assistance please
(There's just a) hair trigger in these genes
I know my reputation's shot

(And so I) fell from the grace of dog
(With only) everyone else to blame
(A buck a) bottle of wine I cut the lines
Say, can you read between them?

At least I'm standing on my feet
One less challenge left to meet
At least it's over, finished, done
At least I'm not the only one

With all the glory of
(A thousand) copped riches at your feet
(Upset a) upset by upsetting things
But this time you've pilfered from yourself

(It's easy) see all the dirty soles
(When your) head's resting on the street
(I tell ya) been down so much before
I know I'm up for getting even

At least I'm standing on my feet
One less habit left to beat
At least I count on no one else
Face what hits me by myself

At least I'm lucky to have my friends
And each sob story has an end
At least it's over, finished, done
Misdirection, run, kid, run

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