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Sparrow (Under Heaven's Eyes)

Tenth Avenue North

I heard your eyes are on the faithful
You delight in all your saints
But for what of those of us who wander
In the darkness and mistakes
Oh, I need to know you see me
With my face down on this floor
Have I escaped the scope of mercy
God, is there still more

You see the sparrow
You see me here
With the pain of my past
And the depth of my fears
You see my future
One day I'll rise
My hope is secure
Under heaven's eyes
Under heaven's eyes

Heaven's eyes
Under heaven's eyes
Under heaven's eyes

I could never outrun your presence
You see beginnings from their end
Even the dark is light to you, lord
And you keep on whispering
Take courage, dear heart
Take courage, dear heart
You can never fall that far
You can never fall that far

I sing because I'm happy
And I sing because I'm free
Your eyes are on the sparrow
And I know you're watching me

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