Just Getting By

Tenth Avenue North

Cathedrals (Deluxe Edition)

Oh, when we were born, when we first arrived
We took it all in through innocent eyes
But we got jaded cause the beauty faded
So now we fake it in worlds built in the sky
But we keep coming up dry

I'm waking up to what's around me
I've lost too much to a fantasy
I'm tired of living like I'm just getting by
Just getting by
Am I just getting by

Life can take a toll, everyday demands
So much energy, so many mundane plans
So we go digital, purely physical
Hey, it's just medicinal
We need to ease our minds

I want to be all here now
Wherever I am, that's where I'll be found
Staying present even in the fear now
Life with open eyes
Please don't pass me by
Life, don't pass me by
Life, don't pass me by
Feel a spark when we look each other in the eye

I don't want to just get by

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