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Fly Like An Eagle


Take my hand, I’ll lift you on my shoulders
You know I’d never let you fall
Shifting hands, sea and skies are colder,
We have to leave as winter calls…

Turning against the tide,
Maybe it all comes true this time
Lady our love will light the way.

Sometimes in dreams I can fly like an eagle
Over the mountains and on to the stars
Just spread my wings and I fly like an eagle
Crossing the bridge to your heart

We will find our deserted island
We know it’s no so far away
Not a sound to disturb the silence
Just you and I in love remain,

Destiny on our side,
Lady we’ll leave this world behind
Letting our love light guide the way,

If you believe you can fly like an eagle
Glide on the wind to the heavens above
Just spread my wings and I fly like an eagle
Nothing’s as strong as our love.

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