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Kiss Me Like You Miss Me

The Temptations

I fell in love in a second or two
When I saw you smilin' on the crowded avenue
Lady you walk my and didn't hesitate
And then you looked into my eyes and took my breath away
Tonight (Tonight)
I want to spend the hours together
All night (all night)
We'll be making dreams come true, yeah

Kiss me like you miss me
Hold me like you can't let go, oh baby
Like you can't like without me
Show me while we're dancing slow
Kiss me like you miss me
Honey let the feelings flow
Say that you could never doubt me
Kiss me like you miss me
Kiss me like you miss me darlin, darlin...

Well I'll take you out
Or we'll stay at home by the sweet candlelight
'Cause it can never be too soon
'til you step into my room
And make my night, girl, let's do it right yeah
Tonight I can't wait to be together
All night, all night have no time to be apart
Kick fear to the curb, girl, take it in your own hands
If you got the nerve, then baby, I'm your man
Just say the word and baby I'm your man
Won't you plese just

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