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I'll Just Go Crazzy

The Temptations

So you say want a love
That'll last forever
No more one night stands
And broken promises
Tired of all the giving
And you never receive
All the love you need...ummmm

I understand all the things
You're going through
And I know what I'm taking about
'Cause I been through 'em too
Just put your trust in meerything
And I'll give you everything, everything you need
Everything you need 'Cause you are


You're the one I want
you're the one I need
Always on my mind
So come on baby please
Just taka A chance
On this romance
'Cause without your love
j'll juSt go crazzy

So you say you need time
To think about it baby
'Cause you been hurt so many times
And you're really, really scared
just put you trust in me
And I'll give everything, everything you need
Everything you need...'Cause you are


I know you've been through so many changes in your life
And I know you heart's been broken many times

t let's take the time, and try and wotks things out
'Cause I know just what you need,and it's me...
'Cause you are


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