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    (::Verse One:::)

    It's time to take you to its full potential
    Peep this
    and drop some game on the instrumental and
    it's a symptom that you listen close and better tell your folks
    let the locest loc
    first things first since your date of birth
    you've been kinda confused about what your life is worth
    50 million times don't wait and go
    you gotta take control
    those fools don't want to be home
    you can do anything that you want to do
    all you got to do is to put your brain into it
    take your time and educate your mind
    in the long run I'm sure you're fine
    if you walk the walk you can talk the talk
    but don't wait too long coz life is short
    and remember, nomatter what they tellin' you
    if you try, you can be a winner too

    (::chorus:: (--L.V.--):::)

    Keep on pushing
    moving on up
    everybody we're moving on up
    moving on up
    you're a winner
    you gotta keep pushing
    moving on up
    everybody we're moving on up
    moving on up
    you're a winner

    (::Verse Two:::)

    Everybody rides with the women boys and girls
    each one teach one but we can't save the world
    all at one day you could take it play by play
    and once you're on the path
    don't you ever go this way
    if your leader wants to holla but you can't make him plead
    you can give a man some wizdom but you can't make him man feel
    stichin time says nine
    dirty bird gets the worm
    but all you can think about is gettin attention for your firm
    if knowledge is power and power is knowledge, then
    how so many idiots be graduating from colleges
    better the B-side than the be gotted fool
    than to speakin to move all out
    you know what I'm talking about
    when opportunity knocks you better let him in and sit him on down
    and try to be his friend
    in order to be a professional first you got to be a beginner
    but if you keep on pushing you can be a winner


    (::Verse Three:::)

    Red yellow black white or brown
    if every mind their business we can all get down
    it all starts and on
    coz once they're grown they're gone
    and once they're on their own their own
    you got to leave them alone
    be a leader and if you can't be a leader
    make sure your leader is a damn good teacher and
    imagine if you was in a car and your life was wasted
    somebody was on your back and you had to give him some space
    put the better to the matter where it match at low
    but make sure you stay in your lane
    and go strof to strof
    we don't need no penaltys or eliminations
    or disqualifications
    what we need is penetrations
    now what you heard before but sometimes life is what you make it
    I ain't the one thats known for fakin or perpetratin
    if Albert was an Einstein
    and Phillis was a Diller
    and Michael Jackson was a thriller
    then you could be a winner

    (::chorus:: extended::)
    (::Fade out::)

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