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Heart-Shaped Birthmark

Tei Shi


I want to be your starlight
In the darkest hour
I want to feed you love
And give you all my fire

Be the weakness
That takes you to a higher power
I want to taste you
And the sweetness turns to sour

Want you to hold me like you'll drop me
And I'll shatter
Want you to touch me
Like you're drowning in my water
Cry over me like
If you don't you'll become sadder
I wanna climb you
Like the tallest of the ladder

I wanna blow your mind like alice
With the hatter
Throw me around here
Like sanity doesn't matter
Cry over me like every tear
Will bring us closer
I wanna ride you
Like the highest rollercoaster

I wanna be your starlight in the darkest hour
I wanna hold you
Just like paris holds the tower
And, feel you like the constant flowing
Of the ocean
And love you
Like I'm drunk off of the strongest potion

I wanna meet you at the bottom of the ocean
I wanna live my life beside you in slow motion

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