Tay Zonday

Got another 'mornin runnin to ya
Got another 'mornin 'lovin to ya baby yeah

My baby
Through me
Right to me
Got another 'mornin 'nother chance to be

With you
'Runin 'barefoot on the edge of the ocean
'Dancin in the moonlight of devotion

Never wanna do another thing no
Never wanna another surprise
Never want to have another place to sing your Lullabies

My eyes are always gonna see you
The world is always gonna be you
'Til another big bang sets the sky anew

Give me kisses give me style
Take my heart 'n run the mile
Never knew another you
Never knew another truth

Heaven's 'callin don't you hear
We got laid over under here
Stick it out and never doubt
Cause we can turn the world around

I love you

'Til my bones are stones
And the world atones
For the moments
We're apart

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