Tay Zonday

The lights are on
The stage is set
You're asking God
If you were made for this

People stare
With lonely eyes
"Deliver us so we can
forget our lives."

You don't know how
To work the crowd
It looked so easy
On the TV show

When you fail
The sound ignites
You know the music's gonna
Save your life

Hey kid, you're gonna get old
You're not gonna be a centerfold
Better blow up, better get rich
Better be makin' that beat explode

Hey kid, the college degree
It ain't gonna beat back poverty
Tough kid, it's a rough world
Better be makin' that beat explode

People cheer and
People jeer and
Sometimmes they may
Act in fear but

Everybody now
Shakes their body yeah
Gets a naughty groove
between the still-life.

Can't make rockets
But you can make souls
Take off when
That beat explodes yeah

Takin' off 'n yeah
Takin' off 'n now
Takin' off 'n 'til
That beat explodes yeah


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