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Dying For The Deadline

Tay Zonday

Got a tax, got a fax
Got the bank book on your back
The clock's 'hittin three
Before you get to 'hittin the sack

Catch a train, catch a plane
Roll your windows up in the rain
Sell your stock in a bear
Before it goes down again

Little lie, gets you by
Cause you're late 'n gotta say why
The boss has a temper
Power 'trippin over the time

Dying for the deadline
Yeah you dying for the deadline
Yeah you dying for the deadline
Yeah you better get your life on time
Yeah you better get your life on time

Gotta shop, gotta Pack
Got a birthday 'comin up fast
Better send off a present
Or you'll be 'gettin sawdust back

Pop a pill, it's a trap
cause you gone 'n ain't comin back
When the upper is supper
You're 'bout to have a heart attack

Young and hot, then you're not
Oh your body it's gonna rot
Better make something happen
Cause soon they 'diggin you a new plot


Click a link, then you bail
Cause its 'loadin slow as a snail
When you're 'punchin a clock
The internet will always fail

Office lights, always on
Do the project 'til it gets done
Ain't been home since last week
Ain't been 'havin any fun

Set a date, seal your fate
Watch the days go by as you wait
Just another appointment
Just another 'guessin game


Gotta get your life on
Get your life on
Get get your life on time

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