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Crash Into Weird

Tay Zonday

Sock 1: "Hey Tay! You're weird!"

Sock 2: "Way too weird for mainstream success!"

Sock 1: Can't you just be normal?

Tay: "I don't know. I don't try to be weird.
It just kind of happens."

Hey you!
You on drugs?
How you gonna get a job?
Don't be comin up in
Here with that attitude

Lookin' funny
Talkin' funny
Don't you wanna be somebody?
Better get your look
In line with soceity!

Better bet
You're a threat
People watch your every step
They get. nervous when you
don't expect it

What you gonna do?
Cause you're only 'being you
They're just scared of themselves
Cause they know they're like you

Crash into weird
Make 'em think you're crazy
Smash into weird
Make 'em think you're faking it
Crash into weird
Make 'em think you lost your mind
Smash into weird
Make a circus act cry


I don't need any drugs
This is me when I'm sober
You can't get wierder
So pretenders move over

Is he straight? Is he gay?
Is he black? Is he white?
I'm walking every line
Like batman at night

"Sir, what's your occupation!"
Well I'm kindof a singer
I kinda get a groove
'N people shake it 'til they tingle

I'm a deadbeat student
Derilect irresponsible
Dying of ADD
Cause the beat is unstoppable

Too weird for a grammy
Picked by industry farts
At the mental ward you know
I'll be topping the charts

Follow me to insanity
Uncut humanity
We're really just normal
But the world is all craziness

[Chorus X 3]

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