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The Perfect Girl

Tara Slone

I miss the good things
while I'm looking for the bad things
So I didn't even see you smile
My world don't look good
through suspicious-coloured glasses
And I still can't look you in the eye
I may not be the perfect girl
But I know I can keep it together
This may not be the perfect world
But I know we can keep it together
You say sometimes I give you
all that you can handle
And then I give you even more
You say you didn't want another song about you
Honey, this is what you signed up for
I'll take this moment,
we're not going to last forever
I might as well be here right
now as long as we're together
Oh, I love you so
No matter what they say we know
what we've been doing
'Cause they don't know a thing 'bout us
and they don't know 'bout lovin'
Oh, I love you so

Compositor: Tara Slone & Jordon Zadorozny

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